Andy Flannagan, God 360°:

We need to reclaim the word ‘reality’. This [bezieht sich auf das vorher Gelesene aus Kolosser 1,1-6] is reality. God’s version is the version. The physical, temporary stuff that is often fake. We are not physical beings having temporary spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.

Paul is building up his readers by speaking the truth to them. I fear that we sometimes neglect saying the obvious, either because we’re too lazy, too cool or we’re off looking for something incredibly clever and post-modern to say. We all need to hear the simple, obvious stuff from each other, every day.

• You are chosen by God.
• Jesus will never let you go.
• I cherish you .
• His spirit comforts you .
• Your life is bearing fruit.
• You are atempie of the Holy Spirit.
• You are so important to me.
• God is doing great things in you.
• God is doing great things through you .
• The Kingdom is coming in … (insert town name appropriately).

These things are all true, whether we choose to see them or not. Speaking them to each other increases the likelihood that we will believe them and that they will change how we live.


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